March 30, 2016

NATIONAL JOURNAL: Why Republicans Could Lose a House Seat in Minnesota

… “The latest is­sue to roil the race was the un­cov­er­ing of past com­ments on wo­men and slavery from an­oth­er GOP can­did­ate, former ra­dio talk show host Jason Lewis.

“Jason has said a lot of out­rageous and in­defens­ible things over the years,” said St. Paul-based Re­pub­lic­an con­sult­ant Bri­an Mc­Clung, who was a spokes­man for former Gov. Tim Pawlenty. “And that would make it much more dif­fi­cult for Re­pub­lic­ans to hold the seat.”

In his 2011 book, Lewis wrote that Ab­ra­ham Lin­coln “ex­ploited the is­sue” of slavery. On his ra­dio show in 2012, Lewis said, “There’s something about young, single wo­men where they’re be­hav­ing like Step­ford wives. They walk in lock­step. Is that really the most im­port­ant thing to a 25-year-old un­mar­ried wo­man—get­ting me to pay for her pills?” He also as­ser­ted that single wo­men are “simply ig­nor­ant of the im­port­ant is­sues in life,” re­marks that promp­ted former Re­pub­lic­an can­did­ate Pam Myhra to call for him to end his cam­paign.

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