National US Debt – Currently at $19 Trillion and on the rise.

I believe it is a uniquely important issue because it has an effect on everything in our nation. I am passionate about addressing the debt and it’s increasingly destructive influence on our future. It is imperative that we reduce spending and stimulate the economy if we are serious about addressing the elephant in the room.

National Security

Specifically Russia, China, North Korea, Terrorism and ISIS. We have significant threats to our country: Cyber, nuclear, bio, EMP and terrorism. We cannot wait for a terrorist act to strike US Bank Stadium or MOA – we must be pro-active to prevent something like this from ever happening. We also must make our borders secure and carefully scrutinize all those who want to enter the USA. Our southern border has become a security issue with millions of unidentified people entering our country at unknown locations with unknown motives.


I believe we need to return power to the states. The Federal Agencies are too plentiful and too powerful. The Obama Administration has set a new high-water mark for federal control with measures like the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. The federal government is exercising newly expanded power in matters involving labor, global warming, education, energy, welfare, the environment, healthcare and more. We need to reverse course, honor the 10th Amendment and return power to the people.

Economy / Business

The ACA (Obamacare) needs to be dramatically reformed or repealed. Health care costs are completely out of control and increasingly unsustainable. We must allow insurance companies to compete across state lines. Competition is good for consumers because it drives innovation and lowers costs.

Federal tax, trade, regulatory and environmental policies are strangling our economy. The steel industry is the world’s second largest sector. In Minnesota, taconite prices fell from $218/ton to $55/ton in five years. Minnesota’s taconite pellet industry is in shambles and that is reducing the state revenue that comes from it and devastating families.  We need to shift course on Federal policies immediately.


Our societal connections and networks are deteriorating. We have too much division in our country. We are pitted against one another based on race, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, etc. This needs to stop – we are in this together and we will sink or swim together.  The principles of Life, Liberty, Property and Pursuit of Happiness are equal opportunity employers.  Let’s start talking to and helping our neighbors and fellow citizens again. Individuals, families, neighborhoods and community made this Country Great and ultimately it is what will rejuvenate the United States.

Political Class

We live in a day when lobbyists, career politicians and special interests rule the day. This is OUR country and government should be employed as a tool to benefit the whole country and all if its citizens – not just those who belong to a political class.  Serving as an elected official should be to serve the people and not be a career. I will strongly advocate for term limits and other policies to protect against a political class in this Country.