March 30, 2016

ICYMI – National Journal: 2nd CD at Risk

Late last week the respected publication National Journal published an article titled: “Why 

Republicans Could Lose a House Seat in Minnesota.”

The article identifies Jason Lewis and his past comments as some of the key factors that put the Second Congressional District at risk for

Republicans.  Here is an excerpt from that article:

“The latest is­sue to roil the race was the un­cov­er­ing of past com­ments on wo­men and slavery from an­oth­er GOP can­did­ate, former ra­dio talk show host Jason Lewis … In his 2011 book, Lewis wrote that Ab­ra­ham Lin­coln ‘ex­ploited the is­sue’ of slavery.”

Click here to read the full article:

Not only did Jason Lewis stand by his past comments, he also said something else that was very revealing…he said: “We don’t have to spend half a million dollars. … I’ve got a loyal following.”

What this means, of course, is that Jason will not have the money to be competitive, much less have the money to defend himself against the DFL attacks that are sure to come. But the Democrats WILL have the money to win the District.  As stated by the National Journal: “Wealthy businesswoman Angie Craig faces a clear path to the Democratic nomination and had nearly $1 million in cash on hand by Dec. 31.”  Thus, the Democrats are united and primed to win.

Republicans cannot risk this seat.  We need to nominate someone who is a proven conservative, has a proven record of winning elections and has the money to defeat Angie Craig.