May 1, 2016

Howe for Congress Statement on the DFL Endorsement of Angie Craig

In response to the Minnesota DFL’s endorsement of Angie Craig yesterday, John Howe released the following statement.

“Endorsing Angie Craig is yet another example of the DFL’s inexorable sprint towards European-like socialism,” said Howe.  “Angie Craig is simply the political embodiment of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders rolled into one  –  another liberal who loves big government. America cannot afford Angie Craig in Congress.”

That said, she is going to be a formidable opponent in what is increasingly a swing district.

“To win in November, Second District Republicans need to endorse a candidate that has the experience and wherewithal to defeat Angie Craig and her formidable campaign,” said Howe. “I am the only candidate who can do that.  I am the only Republican in the race that has ran and won tough elections and the only Republican in the race with the resources necessary to win and the solutions to solve our nation’s debt crisis.”