April 6, 2016

Guns and Butter

In Minnesota, hunting, fishing, gun rights and conservation are not just “talking points” but a way of life.

Like you I was taught from an early age to have respect for the richness of our land and water resources. As a part of that, I also grew up with a heritage of enjoying the great outdoors that included hunting and fishing. Guns, and the right to bear arms, are an important part of that heritage.

Most Minnesotans either enjoy fishing and hunting directly or are steeped in this culture through their friends and family members who do. There may not
be a single Minnesotan who hasn’t eaten fresh crappie, venison or walleye, or spent time at a cabin by a lake or at one of Minnesota’s pristine State Parks.

Born and raised in a Minnesota farming family, I lived this culture every day growing up. I had my first hunting license by the time I was 12. I have been an avid outdoors-man for over 40 years and have spent some of the best days of my life hunting or fishing with friends, family and other people I have met along the way.

I believe in this way of life so much that in 1985 (well before it was popular) I successfully sued the city of St. Cloud as a private citizen to defend Minnesotans’ gun rights.

As a Senator there was no better friend to the Sportsmen and Sportswomen of Minnesota than me . . . not only defending our right to hunt and fish, but also the Second Amendment rights of all Minnesotans.

If Republicans are going to win this seat we need to nominate someone who resonates with the people of the 2nd District who share these uniquely Minnesota values. I believe that I am this candidate. I am a local businessman who shares our culture and actually has a track record of standing up for our values and winning tough elections.