About John

Husband and Father

As the father of three children in the Red Wing public schools, he is especially sensitive to issues of education, in which he has a deep personal stake.

As the husband to Lisa, John understands the pressures working families face trying to find balance in their lives, all the while trying to make ends meet.

Job Creator

As an employer, he’s felt the weight of making payroll for his employees and their families who depend upon him. He knows how legislation and taxes impact employees and small businesses.

Local Conservative Leader

In 2008, John was elected Mayor of Red Wing, where he gained a reputation for reducing government spending and saving taxpayer dollars.  In 2010, John was elected to the Minnesota State Senate.

Footprint-e1396150816596Even though he has held elected office, John is not a political insider.  He has stood up for conservative approaches to reducing government waste, fraud and abuse.